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Come for the meetings...

...stay for the referrals!
In the last 12 months members of the Marshland chapter have passed over 2193 business referrals, how would a share of those help your business?
...stay for the money!
In the last 12 months members of BNI Marshland have passed over £2.2 MILLION of business to each other, find out how to get your share!
...stay to be unique!
Just one person per profession is allowed in each chapter thus ensuring you have no competition amongst members and you can be well, unique!

Trusted by well known local businesses

When are meetings held?
BNI Marshland holds it's meetings on a Tuesday morning at Walton Highway. The meeting starts at 7am with networking before hand and typically lasts around 90 minutes ensuring you can get back out to work as early as possible.
Does BNI work for all professions ?
Yes! Whilst there are some professions that are always more popular, success in BNI is not based on your profession, but more so the relationships you build and your ability to get involved.
Is BNI only for big companies?
No. Generally BNI members have 1-50 employees and upto a 3m turnover. But it's more about who you know rather than the size of the company you represent.
I already have lots of work, how can BNI help me?
Referrals from BNI give you choice. You can choose which area of your business you wish to develop and decide whether to leave the smaller / less profitable jobs behind.
What makes BNI different from other networking groups?
BNI groups are structured, supportive groups that pass qualified business referrals which are quality checked and tracked. No other networking groups come close in terms of the support that is offered.
Do I have to join in order to visit?
No, everyone is very welcome to visit us on up to two occasions, no strings attached, to see if the group and meeting times fit with their own personal and business circumstances.
Will I have competition from similar businesses?
No, we only allow one business from any category to join the group meaning that you will be the only person in the group that does what you do!
Are referrals forced?
No, absolutely not. This is a common misconception of BNI and other networking groups. BNI is based on relationships: know, like and trust. Once you get to know the other members of your group, establish rapport and then fully trust them, you will start to be 'mentally switched on' to looking for business opportunities for them from your contacts and day to day interactions. Before you know it, you're a natural referrer and people are coming to you asking "do you know a good". There is also lots of support and coaching workshops available, included as part of your BNI membership to help you with this aspect.
How do I get an invite to visit?
Thats the easy bit, simply drop us a message here, on the website, or via our social media channels and one of the team will get back to you and arrange for you to attend.

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