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BNI Marshland - Coronavirus

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BNI Marshland - we are a local business networking group with more than 30 members and a diverse cross-section of business types. We normally meet on a weekly basis in West Walton, however, in response to the Coronavirus situation and for the health of both our members and the community we are now holding our meetings online for the foreseeable future.

We are part of BNI UK which is, in turn, part of the global BNI organisation, but we are also just as much a part of our local community and support business and organisations within the Wisbech area. Our aim is to increase levels of business which we believe will be increasingly important as the continuing impact of the coronavirus is felt.

We know these are worrying times for many people and businesses. If you wish to contact us then please do so.

BNI Marshland can help you!

BNI Marshland meet every Tuesday morning, 6:45am at the Walton Highway Village Club, why not come along as a visitor, you can find out more or book a meeting using the button below.

This weeks Feature Presentation is...

Richard Welbourne

Welbourne & Co Ltd

Business Networking

If you're in business and have never been to a business network meeting  why not give it a try. All our members are friendly and you will always get a warm welcome at BNI Marshland.

Gone in 45 seconds!

OK, we're not going to lie to you here, if you come along to one of our meetings as a visitor we would love to hear about your business as well, it's only 45 seconds or less, but we understand if you're not comfortable with this.

It's all about the business

We just wanted to get this one out there at the start, we meet at breakfast (6:45am) time for "Business Networking" our members are all like minded people looking to grow their businesses.

What is BNI Marshland Chapter?

Our chapter has a varied group of local trades, businesses and creative professionals and we are keen to help you make the most out of business networking. Our goal this year is to expand our chapter to over 30 members, because more members means more opportunities  which in turn means more turnover and most importantly greater profits. 

Visitors to Marshland

We meet every Tuesday at the Walton Highway Village Club at 6:45am, the meeting closes at 8:30am. Visitors may attend two meetings of the chapter as long as their business category is available. There is a £10 meeting charge payable at the venue, please bring along plenty of business cards to pass around during the meeting.

Referrals Passed

Average referrals per month (goal is 250)
Referrals last month
Referrals passed since the begning of the chapter

Thank you for the business

Business Passed Last Month
Total thank you for the business this year (our first goal is £2million)

Membership Goal

Our goal is 40 members

We are always looking for new members to our thriving BNI chapter, our current top 5 are Charity, Florist, Photographer, Plasterer and Surveyor.

Meet the BNI Marshland Leadership Team

Many members of the BNI Marshland chapter have jobs within the chapter to help things run smoothly in the meeting, our current leadership team are.

Richard Welboune

Secretary Treasure

Ginny Skeels

Chapter President

Colin Needham

Vice President